About Us

Frontier Martial Arts Club is a Christian Martial Arts Club that focuses on cultivating realistic combative martial arts practitioners while not teaching any eastern religious belief systems.


Our club brings some of the most proficient instructors for our members to train with and develop their skills. We offer our members the chance to share their own experiences, skills, and gifts. Members can share these experiences, skills, and gifts to teach one another how to protect family, friends, themselves, and strengthen their faith. Current curriculum consists of Chinese Boxing Synthesis and weapons based systems such as: Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Penjak Silat. Frontier Martial Arts Club is affiliated with Gong Ka Martial Arts. Members have the opportunity to train outdoors in the Smokies; where members are able to share outdoor survival skills. FMAC will have seminars learning how to properly shoot firearms from former military private security contractors, and practice scenarios for actual scenarios such as home invasion, anti-carjacking, and mugging. We will hone and sharpen one another’s character as iron sharpens iron man sharpens man.  We train peaceful warriors who are free to choose pacifism while others are condemned to it.

We strive to strengthen the family unit, and believe that a family who trains with us will react more effectively when a high stress crisis is upon them.  The kids are taught self-defense, physical fitness such as balance, flexibility, strength and coordination, and also self-discipline, moral values, concentration, showing respect to others and much, much more!


Our adults learn self-defense techniques using both empty hand, weapons, and how to improvise using their environment through easy to learn drills.


History:  The concept for Frontier Martial Arts Club began back in 2012 when Mr. Cobbett felt it was necessary to share his love of the martial arts with others who also were martial artists and those who have never had the chance to train.  Mr. Cobbett began the logo development with input from former instructors.  A small but loyal group began privately training that fall of 2012, and Mr. Cobbett began training privately with Sifu Bill Graves in the spring of 2014.