Our Friends

Links 1 & 2: The first two websites are associated with Mr. Cobbett’s Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Tang Soo Do training.  Mr. Cobbett earned a black belt rank from Mataas Na Guro Ash in Tang Soo Do. Instructors here are Mataas Na Guro Chris Ash (link 1) and Tuhon William McGrath (link 2). The club would not exist without the guidance and support from both of these instructors.  Tuhon William McGrath is the President and Chief Instructor of Pekiti Tirsia International, and a devout Christian.

Links 3 – 6: Are associated with Sifu Bill Graves and he is teaching our club the Chinese Boxing Synthesis / Kai Sai Kung Fu and Counterpoint Tactical System or CTS.  Sifu Bill has taken our club under is watchful eye, and teaches our workshops regularly so all adolescent and adult students have the opportunity to train with him directly. Instructors for Counterpoint Tactical System are Sifu Bill Graves and the founder of CTS Master Zach Whitson.

Link 7:  Sifu Josh Ryer is the highest ranking student in the Counterpoint Tactical System and has helped me with the youth and children’s program.  Sifu Ryer has given me advice and support with the anti-bully curriculum that is taught to our elementary through youth aged students.

Link 8: Mr. Cobbett also has a Black Belt from through Ricky and Randy Smith in American Open Style of Karate.  These two martial artists are credited with curriculum and club philosophy and direction.

Link 9: A friend and martial art mentor for Christian content and club philosophy and curriculum development and direction.  Master Lyndon Johnson’s site hwarangwarrior.com has 30 rules that were used as a framework for the development of the club creed, philosophy, tenets, and code of conduct.

Link 10: Sensei David Zellner has been a very good mentor for guiding the integration of the scripture in the class environment.

Link 11: Bob Orlando has provided Mr. Cobbett with great insight and advice as a mentor.  Mr. Orlando has given permission for FMAC to use his essays on Christianity and Martial Arts practice and use in the case of absolute necessity.

Link 12: Sifu Jeremy Reed (Owner/Master Instructor of East TN School of Combat) is a valued friend and he occasionally trains with our club and teaches Mr. Cobbett and the other members.

Link 13: Training equipment we endorse and buy from.

FMAC would like to thank all of the individuals associated with all the links mentioned on this page!